The governance structures with the members of the forum are described on this page.

Current steering board

The current steering board is:

  • Program chair: Julian Kunkel (University of Reading)
  • Skill-tree curator: Kai Himstedt (University of Hamburg)
  • Topic curators:
    • HPC Knowledge: Lev Lafayette (University of Melbourne)
    • Performance Engineering: Anja Gerbes (University of Frankfurt)
    • Use of the HPC Environment: Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN)
    • Sofware Development: Waseem Kamleh (University of Adelaide)
    • Administration: Sharan Kalwani (DataSwing)
    • Big Data: Cristiana Dinea (NVIDIA)
  • Examination curator: Christian Meesters (University of Mainz)
  • Publicity chair: Weronika Filinger (EPCC)
  • Webpage curator: We are looking for someone to take this position! Contact the board!

Mandate and Election

The steering board elected for one year (period of activity) where a period ends in June with a general assembly during ISC HPC. The steering board attempts to submit a Bird-of-a-Feather session to ISC that serves as general assembly for the members. In case the BoF was not accepted, we will organize an alternative meeting during ISC HPC. The organization of the general assembly falls into the responsibility of the general chair and steering board but should involve the new steering board members. A time slot should be reserved for the new steering board to present an updated roadmap.

Voting is done publicly on a Slack channel “election” in the HPC Certification forum. Everyone can nominate someone at the channel or self-nominate themself by posting a message with the name of the nominee, the position, and a brief description. The brief description should state why the nominee is qualified/seeks to become chair member for the given position.

At the end of the nomination phase, the program chair will compose a list of candidates for each position. HPCCF members can then vote using thumbs up on the candidate(s) they like. The members are encouraged to vote based on past contributions made by a nominee and the potential they see by appointing the chair in the initiative.

Members can send any concern regarding a nominee privately to the board (either by Slack or by Email). By providing good reasons that a candidate is not suitable, the steering board can exclude a candidate from the nominee list. Before doing so, the steering board will contact the nominee and assess the situation.


  • Nomination until April 30st
  • Announcement of candidates by Program Chair: first week of April
  • Voting takes place until May 31st

If a board members resigns/steps down during an election period having less than 6 month in the current period, the current steering board can elect a potential candidate to fulfill the role for the rest of the period. If more than 6 month are remaining, an election for this position is announced.


The actual roles within the forum are as follows:


Membership to the forum is free.

  • Associated member
    • Anyone and any institution can become an associated member to the forum.
  • Full member
    • Everyone actively contributing to the project is considered to be a full member. We anticipate a contribution of a few hours per month.
    • Full members have voting rights on the annual general assembly.

Steering Board

The direction of this initiative is managed by the steering board. The executive roles for the board are:

  • Program chair (PC):
    • Chairs the overall executive board
    • Chairs meetings and conference calls
  • Skill-tree curator (STC):
    • Decides new curriculum releases
    • Merges changes suggested by TC
  • Topic curator (TC)
    • Curate a subtree
    • Funnels change requests of members
  • Examination curator (EC)
    • Manages examina on handling
  • Publicity chair (PRC)
    • Develops and implements PR strategy

The steering board members are full members elected annually during the general assembly.