The governance structures with the members of the forum are described on this page.

Current steering board

The current steering board is:

  • Program chair: Julian Kunkel (University of Reading)
  • Curriculum chair: Kai Himstedt (University of Hamburg)
  • Topic chairs:
    • HPC Knowledge: Lev Lafayette (University of Melbourne)
    • Performance Engineering: Anja Gerbes (University of Frankfurt)
    • Use of the HPC Environment: Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN)
    • Sofware Development: Waseem Kamleh (University of Adelaide)
    • Administration: Sharan Kalwani (DataSwing)
    • Big Data: Cristiana Dinea (NVIDIA)
  • Examination chair: Christian Meesters (University of Mainz)
  • Publicity chair: Weronika Filinger (EPCC)
  • Webpage chair: We are looking for someone to take this position! Contact the board!

Every year in June, the community can apply for a position and the new board will be elected by the members of the HPCCF until end of July.


The actual roles within the forum are as follows:


Membership to the forum is free.

  • Associated member
    • Anyone and any institution can become an associated member to the forum.
  • Full member
    • Everyone actively contributing to the project is considered to be a full member. We anticipate a contribution of a few hours per month.
    • Full members have voting rights on the annual general assembly.

Steering Board

The direction of this initiative is managed by the steering board. The executive roles for the board are:

  • Program chair (PC):
    • Chairs the overall executive board
    • Chairs meetings and conference calls
  • Curriculum chair (CC):
    • Decides new curriculum releases
    • Merges changes suggested by TC
  • Topic chairs (TC)
    • Curate skills of a subtree
    • Funnels change requests of members
  • Examination chair (EC)
    • Manages examina on handling
  • Publicity chair (PRC)
    • Develops and implements PR strategy

The steering board members are full members elected anually during the general assembly.