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K-B HPC Knowledge


The theoretical knowledge of HPC provides the background to understand how supercomputers and HPC environments operate. This enables practitioners to effectively use such environments.


  • To provide background knowledge that is relevant for all other branches.
  • To provide a theoretical background to judge the behavior and efficiency of systems.
  • To provide a technical understanding of HPC systems.


  • Explain the hardware, software, and operation of HPC systems.
  • Construct and judge simple performance models for systems and applications.
  • Understand that there are performance frontiers.
  • Explain why it is a special challenge to achieve good speedups and good efficiencies if the number of processing elements is steadily increased.
  • Compare different paradigms for the parallelization of applications.
  • Construct and execute an HPC workflow on an HPC system.
  • Comprehend job scheduling principles.
  • Apply a cost model to compute the costs for running a workflow on an HPC system.


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