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USE-B Use of the HPC Environment


HPC environments are different from local systems and cloud environments.

Practitioners typically face initial challenges to utilize such a system efficiently. Moreover, often, data centers deploy a specific solution to set up and execute parallel applications. That means users must be trained in a particular solution to utilize a supercomputer efficiently.

Various user roles are covered as part of this subtree: practitioners that aim to deploy existing parallel applications as well as testers that just run already deployed applications, and also developers that create new applications.


  • To use the cluster operating system efficiently in order to develop, build, run, and monitor parallel applications.
  • To automatize repetitive tasks on an HPC system.


  • Apply tools provided by the operating system to navigate and manage files and executables.
  • Select the software environment to build existing and develop novel parallel applications effectively.
  • Use a workload manager to allocate HPC resources.
  • Construct workflows that utilize remote (distributed) environments to execute a parallel workflow.
  • Design and deploy scripts that automatize repetitive tasks.


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