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SD1.2.2-B Shared Memory Systems


The parallel concepts of threads and processes are introduced and their impacts on performance are outlined.



  • Detect race conditions and use synchronization mechanisms to avoid them.
  • Estimate the problems that may result from erroneous use of synchronization mechanisms (e.g. deadlocks).
  • Assess data dependency situations, i.e. an instruction reading the data written by a preceding instruction in the source code, and anti dependencies, i.e. an instruction having to read data before a succeeding instruction overwrites it, and output dependencies, i.e. instructions writing to the same memory location.
  • Use data parallelism, e.g. applying parallel streams of identical instructions to different elements of appropriate data structures such as arrays.
  • Apply the concept of functional parallelism, i.e. executing a set of distinct functions possibly using the same data.
  • Assess the applicability of parallel language extensions like OpenMP.


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