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SD3.4-B Release Management


The benefits of release management are explained. Moreover, it is covered how software releases are managed according to a well-defined and consistent process.



  • Describe the basics of release management and what the benefits are of applying a release management process in the context of high-performance computing “fault”, “failure”, and “error”.
  • Discuss the differences among Major Release, Minor Release, Emergency Fix (and potentially other types of releases) and what should be contained in each of them.
  • Correlate the tasks and steps of release management.
  • Apply the steps of the deployment process of the release version and the required dependencies.
  • Comply with the best practices of making releases identifiable via version numbers using appropriate version numbering scheme (e.g. using the version control system).
  • Characterize the lifecycle of a release (including states such as stable, unstable).
  • Differentiate frameworks of release planning and management, e.g. SCRUM release planning and ITIL.


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