The HPC Certification Forum

The goals of the HPC Certification Forum (HPC-CF) are:

  • Standardizing the HPC knowledge representation into fine-grained competencies
  • Establishing internationally recognized certificates attesting knowledge
  • Supporting an ecosystem around the HPC competencies


Lessons learned from the 1st Certification Hackathon
The HPC Certification forum organized a hackathon in order to collaboratively review and expand the question pool for the first certificate to come. In this blog post, we share our conclusions from the meeting and its implications on the mission of the HPC CF.
Certificate Examination Hackathon
The HPC-CF is about to release the first certificate for the Command Line Interface. The goal of this Hackathon is to involve the community in order to complete the question pool.
Presentation at the eResearch Australasia conference
Steering Board member Lev Lafayette is presenting on "Contributing To the International HPC Certification Forum" at Australia's largest annual academic and IT research conference.
Videos illustrating contributing processes
We have started creating videos -- how to contribute to the certification standard and how to define a new skill. More to follow!
Conclusions of the Virtual Workshop: Toward a globally acknowledged and free HPC Certification

Contributing Institutions

We have contributors from the following institutions:

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us via the email address of the executive board: