The HPC community has always considered the training of new and existing HPC practitioners to be of high importance to its growth. The significance of training will increase even further in the era of Exascale when HPC encompasses even more scientific disciplines. This diversification of HPC practitioners challenges the traditional training approaches, which are not able to satisfy the specific needs of users, often coming from non-traditionally HPC disciplines and only interested in learning a particular set of skills. HPC centres are struggling to identify and overcome the gaps in users’ knowledge. How should we support prospective and existing users who are not aware of their own knowledge gaps?

We are establishing an International HPC Certification program that would clearly categorize, define and examine them similarly to a school curriculum. Ultimately, we aim for the certificates to be recognized and respected by the HPC community and industry.

Benefits of an international HPC Certification program

  • HPC practitioners
    • Increase motivation to participate as the certificates are recognized in a CV
    • Validate knowledge via tests
    • Browse relevant competences
    • Identify recommended and required skills related to certain tasks
    • Understand and compare teaching offers across sites
  • Data centers
    • Increase sharing of teaching materials
    • Simplifies documentation of taught skills
    • Identify missing teaching activities
    • Tailor skill-tree specifically to users
    • Correlate lack of skills with efficient use

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us via the email address of the executive board: hpccf-board@hpc-certification.org.