We welcome any contribution to the forum.

It is free to join for everyone! However, from full members (with voting rights) we expect contributions to the overall program. Note that anyone joining will be listed on the public webpage!

Please join our Mailing lists


Our development is available under open source license on GitHub. We welcome pull requests and contributions to the skill tree and tools.


Join our Slack Channel.

We organize meet on a monthly basis to discuss the status. The meetings are open for anyone that is interested to participate. The PC will post invites via the members mailinglist.

At the moment, we explore using Slack for the meetings to allow everybody to read the progress of the discussion and to comment upon any action item.

Slack meeting process

The meetings in Slack follow this procedure:

  • The PC will post the tentative agenda before the meeting.
    • You may respond to this with proposals for further agenda items by starting a thread as a response.
  • Attendees should like the agenda (thumbs up) such that others can later see s/he attended.
  • We will then walk through the agenda but may process several topics at the same time.
    • The PC will post the next item providing a further description and thoughts.
    • Attendees are expected to comment on this item in a follow up message.
    • When an item is sufficiently settled, e.g. the response rate is low, the PC will move to the next item – that does not necessarily mean we have completed the discussion but we increase parallelism!
  • Attendees can comment anytime upon any agenda item starting a thread underneath it.
  • Voting is done using thumbs up or thumbs down underneath the respective item that is to debate

We happily include the logo of your institution/company on the webpage, simply send an email to the board.

General Assembly

The general assembly brings together all members of the forum to discuss the status and next steps. During ISC HPC and Supercomputing. The vote for the steering board takes place during ISC HPC.

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us via the email address of the executive board: