Meeting at ISC HPC


The informal meeting during ISC-HPC has been joined by 10 people to discuss the current status and future of the HPC Certification Forum.

Key information  
When Wednesday 27th Jun. 2018 12:45 – 13:30 (during lunch)
Where Exhibition hall, Lunch area, table closes to booth N-230 (project posters)

Agenda and meeting notes

The interactive discussion was lead by Julian Kunkel who walked through the agenda:

  • Short summary of past activities and the history
    • An overview was given based on our project poster at ISC.
    • We had released the first draft of HPC
    • A first draft of the seal of approval for teaching material covering aspects of the HPC certfication program was introduced. The seal honors the contribution of practitioners to the overall HPC community by providing valuable content.
  • Governance structure
    • The roles have been introduced and the assignment of the positions was briefly introduced. We congratulate our members for their appointment and thank them for their contributions to the program:
      • Program chair: Julian Kunkel (University of Reading)
      • Curriculum chair: Kai Himstedt (University of Hamburg)
      • Topic chairs:
        • HPC Knowledge: Lev Lafayette (University of Melbourne)
        • Performance Engineering: Anja Gerbes (University of Frankfurt)
        • Use of the HPC Environment: Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN)
        • Sofware Development: Vacant
      • Examination chair: won’t be seated in the first year as we are building the program!
      • Publicity chair: Weronika Filinger
    • From full members (with voting rights), we expect a contribution of a few hours per month
  • Next steps
    • Setup of regular open conference calls
      • The regular conference call will take place on the last Tuesday a month at 16:00 BST via Google Hangout. The program chair will announce the meetings to the member mailing list. Everyone is welcome to join.
    • Announce contributors on the official web page
    • July: Submission of a BoF to Supercomputing
    • August: Setup of a webinar to explain the HPC-CF and the current skill tree

We welcome anybody that wants to contribute!