Birds-of-a-feather session in conjunction with ISC HPC: The HPC Certification Forum


The goal of the HPC Certification Forum is to clearly categorize, define, and examine competencies expected from proficient HPC practitioners. The HPC Certification Forum (HPC-CF) has the role of the central authority to curate and maintain the certification program. The program consists of three parts: competencies defined in a modular and easily expandable skill tree, the examination process to verify that practitioners possess those skills, and finally the certification demonstrating their knowledge. Although the forum is not involved in the development of any training materials or tools, it supports the ecosystem around the competencies. The ultimate goal of the forum is to offer a free globally acknowledged certification program that would make the HPC education and training more transparent and quantifiable for training providers, and easier to navigate for practitioners.


The goal of this birds-of-a-feather session is to discuss the current status of the HPC-CF and particularly the first certificate: Linux basics: USE1.1-B Command Line Interface which aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the certification. We describe the scope of the certificate, the process for the certification using multiple choice questions and an interactive scenario. Finally, the proposal for next year’s board is introduced (voting will be done on Slack). To make sure this is an independent community-wide effort, we invite anyone interested in HPC teaching and training to participate in the discussion.

The session will be recorded and YouTube videos will be provided on this page.


  • Julian Kunkel
  • Anja Gerbes
  • Christian Meesters


Key information  
When June 29th; 09:00 CEST
Where BigBlueButton; Details will be published to registered attendees


The video of the presentations is available here.

  • Status of the HPC-CF – Julian Kunkel (University of Göttingen / GWDG) – Slides
  • Introducing the first exam – Christian Meesters (University of Mainz) – Slides
  • Nominated candidates for the board 21/22 – Anja Gerbes (University of Dresden)