The HPC Certification Forum

The goals of the HPC Certification Forum (HPC-CF) are:

  • Standardizing the HPC knowledge representation into fine-grained competencies
  • Establishing internationally recognized certificates attesting knowledge
  • Supporting an ecosystem around the HPC competencies

The HPC Certification Forum is one of those ideas so good and so right that you wonder why no one thought of it before. The Forum's Steering Board and members have done the technical community an enormous service by providing a concise training in what it takes to be HPC-literate. I wish we had had this thirty years ago.
- John Gustafson, Chief Technology Officer at Ceranovo, inventor of Gustafson's Law in parallel computing


New Board Elected
Congratulations and Welcome to the newly elected board members!
Activities on the Australian continent
Lev Lafayette gives inspiring talks at ARDC and HPC AI Advisory Council
Birds-of-a-feather session at Supercomputing
The slides of the ISC BoF are online.
Birds-of-a-feather at ISC HPC
The agenda of the BoF is now online!
Survey on LinkedIn
We are conducting a survey to understand your thoughts on the most important HPC competencies.

Contributing Institutions

We have currently contributors from the following institutions:

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us via the email address of the executive board: