Presentation at the eResearch Australasia conference

Australia’s largest annual academic and IT research conference, eResearchAustralasia, is being held this week as an online event. With over 500 attendees, it’s the largest of eResearchAustralasia conference which is now into its thirteenth year. Spread over five days, eResearchAustralasia features keynote speakers on modelling COVID-19 in Indonesia, hazard assessment using HPC, data collection and custodian issues, and global open-source science. With concurrent sessions, lightning talks, poster sessions, and even a virtual vendor space eResearchAustralasia 2020 has tried to provide everything that an in-person conference provides.

As part of all this, there is a short session dedicated to the international HPC Certification Forum. Steering Board member Lev Lafayette is presenting on “Contributing To the International HPC Certification Forum”, outlining the need and objectives for such a certification, the development of the skill-tree with development branches and dependency levels, and the separation between summative assessment carried out by the HPC Forum and content provision and delivery by training providers. HPC training providers are encouraged to use the skill-tree learning objectives to derive their own content and to provide feedback to the Forum, both in terms of content and the provision of examples for summative assessment for certification.

The slidedesk and transcript of the presentation are available.