Certificate Examination Hackathon

The HPC Certification Forum has been established with the goal to enable a worldwide and free competence certification of HPC practitioners (we use this term inclusively from administrators, data center staff to end-users). We had been working hard to prototype the examination process and develop an ecosystem of tools. Now, we are about to release the first and fine-grained certificate for the competence USE1.1-B Command Line Interface.

In order to complete the question pool for all learning objectives, we are calling for our first certificate hackathon during which the question pool can be reviewed and extended by professionals from the field. The hackathon is organized as two events in February to allow attendees to pick a suitable slot:

  • Monday 8th February, 16-18 GMT
  • Wednesday 10th February, 10-11 GMT
  • Thursday 11th February, 16-18 GMT

During an event, we will be using Google Meet for the discussion supported by Slack and Google Drive for interactive editing/commenting of the question pool. Each event will be structured as follows:

  • First, a quick introduction of the structure is given.
  • We then move to break-out groups for 4-5 attendees each.
  • Each attendee can then work self-paced on the questions or contribute to the discussions.

In order to join, please register here.

Feel free to test the general examination process here and join our Slack for discussion.