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USE1-B Cluster Operating System


HPC systems are usually accessed via a Linux-based Command Line Interface (CLI). Via the CLI, users can run programs to manipulate files, load additional software, or execute programs.

While there are many similarities to single-user Linux systems, HPC systems differ widely in the management of provided Software packages, and users must pay attention to the locality of data.


  • To remotely access and manipulate data.
  • To execute programs in a cluster environment.
  • To use and write shell scripts e.g. to automatically execute several commands in a row that otherwise would have to be entered manually one by one and to automate simple tasks.
  • To select the right environment setting to build programs with the proper compiler, linker, and libraries versions or to run programs.


  • Describe the command line interface and the bash shell.
  • Sketch the organization of the typical file system tree.
  • Utilize essential tools to navigate and manage files.
  • Utilize package management tools that provide access to a wide variety of software.
  • Use and write basic shell scripts, e.g., to automate the execution of several commands.
  • Utilize tools to transfer data between a desktop/laptop system and a remote HPC system.


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