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USE1.1-I Command Line Interface


A shell provides advanced capabilities such as redirection of I/O, setup of pipelines and the management of jobs.


  • To utilize convenient advanced features of the shell.


  • Manage background jobs:
    • The commands fg, bg, jobs,
    • The meaning of the & character,
  • Describe the input and output channels:
    • 1, 2
  • Redirect input and output from/to files:
    • «, <, >, », &
  • Design a pipeline for the processing of data using the pipe (|) symbol.
  • Assign and using shell variables and the export command.
  • Perform arithmetic operations on variables.
  • Replace the beginning or end of the text in the shell using the ${} notation.
  • Use widely available tools to understand and manage program execution:
    • top
    • ps (-a, -u, -x)
    • history
    • which
  • Use tools to search for relevant information and their arguments:
    • grep (-i, -v, -e)
    • cut (-b, -c, -f, -d)
    • sort (-r, -n, -k)
    • sed (for the basic search command and regular expressions)
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