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USE1.4.2-B Environment Modules


The Environment Modules package is a widely used tool for managing information (module files) about installed software. It comes with integration into the shell.


  • To be able to use the module command to load software.


  • Comprehend that Modules can have dependencies and conflicts:
    • A Module can enforce other Modules that it depends on must be loaded before the Module itself can be loaded.
    • Conflicting modules must not be loaded at the same time (e.g. two versions of a compiler).
  • Query information about packages:
    • list
    • avail
    • whatis
    • search
    • display
    • help
  • Load/Unload software modules:
    • load/unload
    • purge
    • swap
    • switch
  • Describe the MODULEPATH variable.


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